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Hello!  I’m Rachel, and I’ve been photographing newborns, families, and everything in between for almost six years.  What started as a hobby rapidly turned into a passion that hasn’t stopped growing.  I love creating images, styling sessions, and telling a story that others may have missed.  I believe we each have an individual eye for literally everything we see, and I love getting to share how I observe life with each and every person that sees my work.

I am a wife of twelve years to an amazing husband who is my rock, my best friend, and the absolute love of my life and a mother to four amazing children who inspire and exhaust me all at the same time.  These little ones are the reason I first picked up a camera and desired to learn how to capture every moment that I didn’t want to forget.

I am passionate about photography and capturing every milestone and memory for our family. Everyone told me how quickly life would pass by, and they weren’t kidding. With each year, the days end quicker, the years seem shorter. I am determined to preserve my children, our surroundings, our togetherness just as it is in these days so we can be ever reminded of how things were when they were small.

My goal when photographing is to capture the ordinary in an extraordinary way. The ordinary is beautiful, unscripted, real life. While I love a good posed portrait, capturing the unplanned and unposed makes my heart sing. I feel that when my children look back on our family albums as adults, it will be these memories captured in the ordinary images that really tell their story. I’d love to capture the same for you.